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Located right off of Gateway Rd. at Drake Street, Allhër apartments are within a short walking distance to Yaletown, the West End, and English Bay. This central location situates Ahllër close to numerous restaurants, café's, retail shops and city parks such as George Wainborn Park, David Lam Park and even Sunset Beach Park.  

3940 Gateway Rd. Brookefield, Vancouver 53045

Marketing and Admissions

Supercharge student recruitment making programs and courses easy to search and find with with accessible, mobile-friendly catalogs featuring video and other rich media.

Academic Affairs

Enable faculty, deans, staff, etc. to easily propose and track curriculum changes, and access catalog information so they can increase student-facing time and reduce administrative tasks.


Deliver an e-catalog to students months ahead of your current schedule with single updates, reduced errors, and guaranteed to be up-to-date. 

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You should consider DIGARC if you’re looking for a catalog or curriculum solution. 

Patti Mathay, Registrar
University of Pittsburgh 

University of Pittsburgh

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Learn what the University of Pittsburgh is doing to reduce production time and save valuable staff hours managing their catalog and curriculum.

“Prior to DIGARC, we had duplicate information out there because sometimes people update one thing but they fail to update the other thing. We were able to use API to connect the school's websites in from within the catalog so we don't have to have duplicate information anymore. By linking the websites through the catalog we know that the information is out there once and is right.” Patti Mathay, Registrar, University of Pittsburgh

Furman University

Learn how Furman University transformed their catalog to support their institution's branding. 

“When the product was delivered we were taken back. Our breath was taken away really. Oh my goodness, this looks better than our own website. We use the budget that we used to use to print a catalog to pay for digital.” Brad Barron, Registrar, Furman University

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More than 600 institutions trust DIGARC for their curriculum and catalog management and schedule planning  — twice as many as our competitors. Since 2001, our partner institutions have used DIGARC's unrivaled wealth of information and knowledge to save time, lower costs, showcase student pathways and improve service. 

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Produce a Better Catalog in Less Time

  • Cut catalog production time by 75%
  • Make a course change in one location and it is updated everywhere including the SIS
  • Improve data consistency across catalog, degree planner and departmental pages by embedding the catalog with the API
  • Keep fully functional, searchable archived catalogs available for reference

Support Recruitment & Retention

  • Give prospects and students the information they need and a modern experience with video, social media, mobile-friendly catalog and more
  • Deliver engaging program and course navigation with intuitive search 
  • Help students map their academic journey with the Degree Planner
  • Provide personal catalog space for students so they can save and share interests with counselors and parents

Cut Curriculum Approval Time in Half

  • Eliminate paper/manual processes and take advantage of real-time curricular approval workflow
  • Collaborate with full transparency across a broad group of reviewers
  • Access real-time status and data via the online dashboard
  • Gain a complete audit trail and sync data with the SIS when you're ready

Plan Your Schedule Like a Pro 

  • Save time planning your class schedule 
  • Organize, monitor and forecast classroom space by college or department in compliance with your institution’s policies
  • Plan, request, review and approve scheduling requests from an intuitive dashboard without manual spreadsheets
  • Fully configure workflows and forms to your institution's needs
  • Integrate with your SIS with full control of what gets published