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Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management selected Acalog as their preferred e-catalog solution, making it easier for students and faculty to search, save and share critical course, program and policy information. "While we're tremendously excited about how Acalog will enhance the catalog experience for our students, the system also includes a robust version tracking and notification system that will be a huge benefit in managing our catalog over time," said James Berneking, Academic Affairs Project Manager - Accreditation. Release:

Pitzer College We welcome Pitzer College, the fifth school from the Claremont Consortium to choose Acalog to manage and publish the institution's e-catalog, to the Digital Architecture Community. The Claremont Consortium is a distinguished cluster of private colleges in California that include five undergraduate liberal arts colleges and two graduate institutions. Like at peer institutions, administrators chose Acalog for the centralized editing and approval environment for curriculum changes, and to improve student access to curriculum information through a dynamic online and mobile e-catalog.

Delaware Valley College Decision makers at Delaware Valley College chose Acalog to meet campus-wide innovation and environmental initiatives. Their new e-catalog will be seamlessly integrated with the school website, and will enhance the student experience with personalization features, social media integration, search and browse capability, and even the ability to support rich media integration.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design The desire to streamline the catalog update process and eliminate the need to chase edits through a series of websites for their existing HTML catalog lead administrators at Massachusetts College of Art and Design to chose Acalog. The electronic distributed model of editing and workflow with centralized management of the process and electronic storage of tracked changes and approvals provides the efficiency they were seeking. They also look forward to providing their students with an interactive catalog via the web and mobile devices.

Fort Lewis College Fort Lewis College has been using the Acalog catalog publishing solution since 2008, and has now chosen Curriculog to manage the college's curriculum approval process. The school had been using a legacy system that mimicked the paper forms used in the past. As happens with many homegrown solutions, the main point of contact for the program moves on, retires, etc., leaving it virtually unsupported. Curriculog will provide the college with a highly configurable, automated curriculum approval-tracking platform, with the flexibility to respond to evolving institutional and accreditation requirements.

Samford University A positive experience using Acalog at another institution is one reason the registrar at Samford University wanted to bring the catalog publishing solution to his school. Catalog editors at the university look forward to streamlining the catalog revision process and avoiding dual entry.

Covenant College Covenant College administrators chose Acalog to provide a more useful and dynamic catalog for students and staff, allowing them to easily find programs, courses, or administrative content in current or archived catalogs, exclusive of general website content. In addition, they look forward to the collaborative editing environment of Acalog that delivers the efficiency the school desires, decreases the time required to publish catalogs, and increases the integrity of the catalog content.

Chowan University Logo Chowan University selected Acalog to replace the current PDF version of the academic catalog and provide a more interactive experience for students with the ability to search, save, and share course and program information. A significant factor in choosing Acalog was the desire to move from a manual to an electronic update process, and integration with their Student Information System.

Springfield Technical Community College Logo Acalog was the chosen solution for Springfield Technical Community College to eliminate the challenge of maintaining and updating catalog information in multiple locations, which is prone to errors and inconsistencies. Acalog's ability to deliver data via Web Services to the school's website, and integration with the Student Information System via Digital Architecture's Integration Manager and/or Remote Services Module, eliminates dual entry and ensures consistent and up-to-date course information.

Berry College Logo Campus stakeholders at Berry College were looking for a solution that would easily interface with their Jenzabar SIS. Their choice of Acalog was confirmed after speaking with current customers updating Jenzabar from Acalog. Academic Services Department catalog editors say they are thrilled with the efficiency they'll gain by replacing the manual process of creating and maintaining individual Planning Guides with the dynamically generated Degree Planners available through the Acalog e-catalog Gateway.

Wayland Baptist University Logo As a long time supporter and fan of Acalog, the Associate Academic VP at Wayland Baptist University is thrilled to provide the campus with a dynamic, intuitive online catalog. With Acalog, the college is able to reduce its reliance on print, and enhance the students' online experience. The new e-catalog will be seamlessly integrated with the school website -- and include advanced capabilities for search, personalization features, social media integration, and a dynamic smartphone-specific interface.

Reading Area Community College Logo Staff members at Reading Area Community College wanted to reduce their reliance on print, and eliminate the painful paper-based catalog-change process. With Acalog they are able to accomplish both goals and provide their students a dynamic, feature-rich catalog. An additional significant benefit is the ability to centralize the revision process into a single electronic location, while providing integrated change-tracking and collaborative tools.

American University Logo Seeking to enhance university catalog and curriculum management capability, American University, and the institution's Washington College of Law, selected Digital Architecture's Acalog and Curriculog software solutions after an extensive and rigorous RFP process. Acalog delivers a more efficient catalog revision solution, with centralized workflow for managing all catalog content including programs, courses, and policy information. Curriculog will provide the college with a robust and flexible platform for submission and approval of university curriculum in an collaborative electronic environment.

LSU Health Sciences, Shreveport Logo LSU Health Sciences, Shreveport is the latest LSU School to join the Digital Architecture community. The Registrar's Office chose Acalog to improve the catalog revision process. Acalog's integrated editing and tracking environment, and records-based data management will ensure greater efficiency and transparency in the revision process, decreasing the time required to publish catalogs, and increasing the accuracy of the catalog content.