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Acalog is the delivery platform for over one thousand interactive e-catalogs, at hundreds of colleges and universities.

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We trademarked the term "Academic Catalog Management System (ACMS)" in 2001 when we released the first version of our ground-breaking solution. We are now on version 6.3, and we have never wavered in our focus on ensuring that Acalog is the most robust and capable solution for academic catalog management.

An effective e-catalog provides the basis to reduce reliance on paper catalogs and an opportunity to lower costs, save time, improve services, and contribute to environmental goals.

With Acalog, you can:

  • Deliver your published catalogs course and program content as data to support integration with other systems.

  • Empower departmental editors to make changes in the system, while keeping a comprehensive audit trail of every edit.

  • Support any number of editors, working on their own schedule, or concurrently.

  • Leverage built-in tracking-and-approval workflow to facilitate a catalog-change approval process.

  • Attach documents or other files administratively to courses and programs.

  • Dynamically integrate course information with your e-catalog and online schedule, or course equivalency system.

  • Publish your revised e-catalog with the push of a button, and make corrections in real-time.

  • Contribute to campus sustainability objectives by replacing massive runs of printed catalogs with an interactive e-catalog.

  • Export semantic (consistently styled) content directly to Microsoft® Word.

  • Deliver your revised and updated e-catalog to students months ahead of your current schedule.

Acalog is the only solution designed specifically for the unique content management requirements associated with the publication of academic catalogs. We invite you to learn more about this unique product to discover how its intuitive workflows and robust features can help your organization simplify the academic catalog management process. Schedule a live demonstration today!