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We are excited to announce the completion of the Curriculog implementation at Champlain College! When the college implemented Acalog in 2012, campus stakeholders wanted a better way for their catalogs to speak to the school’s three different populations of students. They wanted their students to see information that was relevant to their experience. We are now pleased to provide the institution with a better way to manage their curriculum change.

Canada school has rich history, and students from around the globe

Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, spans two continents, several professional schools, and 175 years since it was established by Royal Charter of Britain’s Queen Victoria in 1841.

Besides the main campus in Kingston, the DIGARC client operates the Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle, England. Queen’s University is among Canada’s oldest degree-granting institutions, and predates the founding of Canada by 26 years. Continue Reading…

Congratulations to the team at Avila University on the completion of their Acalog implementation. We know you’re eager and ready to take control of your catalog!

— We love to see our clients in their DIGARC gear!


FPU-Phoenix-Florida Poly

At DIGARC, we’re blessed to work with an especially talented and innovative team of software professionals, including Leochel Acosta of our Curriculog Development Team.

In a blog post on Florida’s Polytechnic University’s website this week, Leochel discusses her career path, and why she came to the United States four years ago from her native Cuba. Continue Reading…

The Friendly Sidewalks of West Lafayette

One of the most charming traditions on any college campus is also one of our favorite fun facts. It’s called the “Hello Walk,” and its roots go back about 125 years at DIGARC client Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind.

Although the Hello Walk is technically a system of interconnected sidewalks on Purdue’s Memorial Mall, it’s really about an attitude — a reflection of the friendliness found among students, faculty and staff in every corner of Purdue. Continue Reading…

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