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Congratulations the teams involved with the implementation of the beautiful new Acalog e-catalog at Allegheny College!

‘Much more than just publishing a catalog,’ Purdue’s Acalog project enabled a thorough understanding of how courses and programs are structured institution-wide.

LAKELAND, Fla. – A new e-catalog system at Purdue University delivered multiple benefits to students and administrators, and also fostered a new understanding of how courses and programs are structured institution-wide, according to a recent study by DIGARC.

Earlier this year, Purdue implemented DIGARC’s Acalog e-catalog system, which is used by more than 450 colleges and universities in the U.S. and beyond. With Acalog, The Big 10 Conference school was able to thin out inefficient workflows, restructure course and program data into a relational database, and create accountability among those responsible for providing content for the catalog. Continue Reading…

The Calvin College Acalog implementation is a wrap! Congratulations to our team and the team at Calvin College on the successful project!

We are pleased to announce the completion of the Acalog Enterprise Edition implementation at the University of Pittsburgh. With Acalog Enterprise, the university can manage shared academic catalog content in one location, and present it independently on each campus’s branded e-catalog gateway.

A big shout-out to our team, which completed this project with ZERO transition edits — pretty impressive considering this project included five Acalog e-catalogs!

We welcome another SUNY school to the DIGARC family and congratulate everyone involved in the implementation of Acalog at SUNY Oneonta. Also, a big thank-you to the team SUNY Oneonta for sharing a picture in your DIGARC T-shirts!


At Purdue, Acalog Project Led to Deeper Understanding of Institutional Processes, and an Opportunity to Create Consistency

How a Big 10 school built its first online catalog, then discovered it had created built-in accountability among campus stakeholders.

Earlier this year, Purdue University implemented DIGARC’s industry-leading Acalog e-catalog system, resulting in some unexpected benefits — along with publication of Purdue’s first online catalog.

The project was “much more than just publishing a catalog,” according to Assistant Registrar Josie Galloway. As a result, Purdue gained a thorough understanding of how courses and programs are structured institution-wide.

Click the button below to view the full case study.


Sense of Community Pervades Nation’s Two-year Colleges

They call them community colleges for a reason: it’s because they serve their communities, of course! When it comes to putting out the welcome mat, few institutions do it better than America’s community colleges. Once widely known as junior colleges, there are more than 1,100 community colleges in the U.S. alone. Continue Reading…

Congratulations to Fresno Pacific University, which now has the power of Acalog to present its catalog online and to manage the catalog process on campus! Also a shout-out to our team and the team at FPU on the successful project completion!

New SWU online bulletin more intuitive, more powerful

CENTRAL – Southern Wesleyan University is rolling out a more intuitive way for prospective and current students to explore its degree course information – all accessible by a couple of clicks of a mouse.

Southern Wesleyan’s Provost and Academic Records offices have been working for several months on a user-friendly online bulletin that will provide greater flexibility as well as ease of use. The bulletin was developed with ACALOG, a powerful software application currently used by hundreds of colleges and universities. Continue Reading…

We welcome Westchester Community College to the list of longtime Acalog clients who have also implemented Curriculog. Kudos to the team at SUNYWCC, and congratulations to our own implementation team on a job well done.

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