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We welcome Westchester Community College to the list of longtime Acalog clients who have also implemented Curriculog. Kudos to the team at SUNYWCC, and congratulations to our own implementation team on a job well done.

Alamo Colleges has been an Acalog Enterprise Edition client since 2008, and now enjoys the benefits of Curriculog. Congratulations on the successful implementation to all the Alamo Curriculog team members from across five campuses. (We’re pretty proud of our team at here at Digarc, too!)

We are pleased to announce the completion of the Acalog implementation at Fresno Pacific University. Kudos to our team and the team at FPU on a successful project!

It’s Football Time at the Big Stadium

Here’s a fun fact worth cheering about: eight of the 10 largest stadiums in the world belong to American college football teams — as if you needed proof that the sport is popular on campus.

The stadiums — or is it stadia? — are located from coast to coast and north to south, with capacities ranging from 100,000–107,000 cheering fans. Topping the worldwide list at 114,000-capacity is a soccer stadium in North Korea, but Nos. 2 through 9 are football facilities in the USA.

Where will you be tailgating this weekend?

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Congratulations to the team at CSU San Marcos on the completion of its Curriculog implementation! And we love seeing clients wearing DIGARC T-shirts. Also, a big thank-you to the team for sending us a pic with your campus statue “Tukwut!”

Fun fact: Tukwut, the Luiseño word for cougar or mountain lion, serves as the university’s mascot and spirit symbol.


Andrews University has been a client since 2012, using Acalog to manage and publish its academic catalog. This week they completed implementation of Curriculog. Congratulations to the team at Andrews, and to our team on another successful project! Also, a big thank-you to the Andrews team for sending us a photo in their DIGARC T-shirts. We love seeing clients in DIGARC gear!


Another successful Acalog implementation complete — kudos to our team and the team at BMCC! Also, a big thank you to the team at BMCC for sharing a picture in their DIGARC shirts!


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