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DIGARC Welcomes New Schools – Q2 2011

The Florida Higher Education Summit and The Florida Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (FACRAO) are hosting this year’s summit in downtown Tampa, Florida on June 12th–16th at the Westin Tampa Harbour Island We’re looking forward to seeing friends from our home state. For more information, visit the FACRAO Website.


The process of managing the e-catalog at Northeast Texas Community College had placed a disproportionate burden on the webmaster, effectively making him the catalog manager. Campus administrators found Acalog solves this problem by producing a web-based e-catalog that is automatically generated from templates following the revision process — eliminating entirely the burden on the webmaster. Acalog also enables catalog managers to meet the needs of students which require a catalog to be accessible, searchable, and interactive. Students now will be able to save courses, programs, and pages into a customized portfolio which they can share with college advisers when discussing their degree plans.


Be sure to come see us at the CollegeSource Users Conference on June 20th–23rd in Indianapolis, Indiana. Visit the conference website for more information.


The rising costs associated with publishing a printed catalog had led administrators at Louisiana State University Eunice (LSUE) to search for better online alternatives than a PDF. Acalog’s highly interactive e-catalog portal was perceived as a significant step forward, providing a seamless integration with the LSUE website, personalization features, social media integration, search and browse capability, and even the ability to support rich media integration. In addition to providing students a modern, web-based catalog experience, LSUE administrators can expect significantly lower yearly expenses for publishing the catalog, reduced administrative hassles during the revision cycle, and the potential to eliminate environmental impact.

We’ll be going to the AACRAO TECH Conference on July 9-12th in Reno, Nevada. Be sure to stop by our booth. Visit the AACRAO website to learn more about the conference.


Looking to reduce impact on campus IT systems, Southern Utah University sought a catalog management solution and e-catalog publishing system in an outsourced, hosted environment. DIGARC has a long and successful track record in providing Acalog as a secure and reliable hosted solution, supporting more than 200 colleges and universities, and delivering more than 1,000 e-catalogs through its platform. Southern Utah selected Acalog because of its leading position as the only true solution designed specifically for academic catalog management, ease of use, personalization, and customization. An added benefit was the inclusion of a mobile e-catalog, which meets the increasing demand by students and faculty for access through smart phones and mobile devices.


We will be in Denver Colorado July 20th–22nd for Rocky Mountain AACRAO (RMACRAO). We hope to see you there. See the RMACRAO website for details.


Highline Community College in Des Moines, Washington sought to improve the school’s academic catalog management process, which was increasingly perceived as tedious and prone to error. The paper-based process required that course and program update documents be circulated manually to multiple individuals for edits and proofing. Acalog provides Highline a paperless management environment with centralized control over adding, editing and tracking of curriculum information. This saves staff time and resources, and increases accuracy. Acalog’s interactive e-catalog portal helps reduce reliance on printed catalogs, providing benefits to the environment and budget. Administrators also sought a reliable archive solution that could be easily accessed, yet locked from changes. And, with Acalog’s mobile e-catalog Gateway, Highline will support the increasing number students utilizing smart phone devices to obtain critical course and program information.


Reducing a reliance on paper was a significant concern for administrators at the University of Texas at El Paso. In particular, they were looking to simplify catalog publishing since it had become difficult to track changes using a process that relied on passing around paper copies or PDF documents. The old process introduced a significant chance for error since multiple occurrences of courses shared between programs each needed to be updated individually. Acalog eliminates course repetition by using a relational database by which a “source” course is referenced throughout the catalog, and then can be updated just once to make global changes. Another benefit of moving to Acalog is the audit system which keeps a comprehensive log of all changes made to a catalog, and makes that audit history available for the life of the catalog.


We welcome the University of West Alabama (UWA) to the Acalog family. With Acalog, UWA has increased the accessibility of its catalog information for current students, and strengthened its marketability for prospective students. Since presence on the mobile web is becoming increasingly important, Acalog’s built-in smart phone support is a huge benefit, especially since making the service available places zero burden on IT staff.


The American Association of Community Colleges is hosting its 91st annual convention April 9–12, in New Orleans, Louisiana. We will be attending for our second year, and will look forward to meeting our community college friends at booth #721. For more information visit the AACC website at

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