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DIGARC Welcomes New Schools – Q4 2011

Guam Community College (GCC) is a multifaceted public educational institution, created to strengthen and consolidate vocational education on the U.S. territory of Guam. The College operates secondary and post-secondary vocational programs, adult and continuing education, community education, and short-term, specialized training.

The school traditionally delivered course and curriculum information through a printed catalog with PDF documents online, but found the process of updating the document required many layers of interactions with staff members and it created confusion over the most recent changes. Additionally, the PDF was difficult to download and search. After an extensive search process, GCC selected Acalog to provide a centralized revision environment as well as a scalable and dynamic e-catalog that delivers advanced capabilities for search, personalization, mobile web, and social media interaction.


Winona State, like many colleges and universities, maintains a broad effort on campus to increase efficiency. The school found that the manual catalog production process could be vastly improved with Acalog’s centralized editing and approval environment for curriculum changes, while also providing a way to leverage technology to improve student access to the catalog through a dynamic online catalog.


Founded in 1902, Point Loma Nazarene University serves more than 3,500 students in California across several campuses. The school chose Acalog to help create a more efficient course catalog revision process, and to deliver improved access to curriculum information for students and staff.


Located in Pendleton, South Carolina, Tri-County Technical College administrators sought Acalog as a solution to enhance academic catalog management and reduce the large number of PDFs that required updating on an annual basis.



We welcome Saint Leo University, located less than an hour from the DIGARC office in central Florida, as an Acalog customer. Florida’s first Catholic university will use Acalog to streamline curriculum change approvals, and to reduce reliance on pagination and printing with the award-winning Acalog e-catalog Gateway.


Mississippi College’s new registrar had used Acalog at another institution, and we’re pleased to see Acalog will now contribute to helping MC reduce reliance on printed catalogs while supporting a streamlined revision process and interactive e-catalog.


Dyersburg State Community College joins 16 other Tennessee schools as an Acalog customer. Acalog’s paperless revision tracking environment was seen as a significant benefit to the school, which struggled to manage a large-scale core course change in the last cycle.

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