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Drivers of Digital Transformation in Education

4 Drivers of Digital Transformation in Education

Higher education priorities are changing, reflecting economic, political, social and cultural shifts in society.

Future-ready institutions leverage technology and data to transform processes and modernize systems—what the tech world calls digital transformation. Here are four reasons universities and colleges make it a priority:

1. Enhanced competitiveness

The number of colleges and universities has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, while the number of traditional college students has decreased. With increasing competition for students, faculty and funding, higher education institutions need to streamline operations and enhance the student experience.

2. Controlling costs

SaaSInstitutions are under ever-increasing pressure to cut costs, justify tuition prices and improve outcomes for students. From saving staff time to reducing square footage used to store files, digital transformation is a way to control spiraling administrative costs.

Education leaders are increasingly buying ready-made, off-the-shelf SaaS solutions on their own, bypassing the IT department. Instead of enduring lengthy, resource-intensive implementations, institutions can be up and running in mere weeks, improving time to return on investment (ROI). SaaS solutions pay for themselves quickly in time saved, and the extra work you’re able to take on as a result.

3. Better user experience

Mobile studentFour in ten (42%) college students report using two or more devices during an average school day. Students who grew up with smart phones in their hands are often surprised at the antiquated technology still being used by their institutions.

It’s no longer an option to make websites mobile-friendly and easily searchable so students can quickly access information on any device, at any time. By leveraging technology and data, you’re able to better attract and retain students and integrate different systems to provide a more seamless, modern user experience.

4. Greater agility

Agility in Digital TransformationDigital transformation isn’t just about software. It’s about what institutions value and what drives decisions. It’s about using practices, processes and technologies of the internet-era to respond with agility and flexibility to the raised expectations of students, faculty and staff.

Successful institutions constantly seek ways to improve their processes, specifically the ones that deal with student journeys. Continuous improvement also means using technology in new ways to keep students, faculty and staff engaged, productive and happy.

How To Get a Quick Digital Transformation Win

Outcomes of Digital TransformationResearch shows that 80% of prospective students judge an institution by its website. When prospective students are on a school website, 70% of the information they’re looking for is in the academic catalog. Leveraging technology and data in your academic catalog can result in a quick digital transformation win.

To meet the demands of tomorrow’s students, transform your academic catalog with Acalog.

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