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DIGARC Announces Availability of New Higher Education Schedule Planning Software

LAKELAND, Fla. – Nov. 1, 2018 – DIGARC, a leading provider of higher education curriculum management solutions, today announced the release of its SECTION schedule planning software. SECTION is the third product in DIGARC’s Connected CurriculumTM platform.

DIGARC’s SECTION was built to increase student success by streamlining class section scheduling management. Institutions can transform decision making and approval processes to increase transparency, eliminate manual effort and schedule planning errors, and better align faculty and facility utilization to conform to budgetary guidelines.

“Class availability is an integral component of student success,” says DIGARC CEO Angela Selden. “DIGARC’s SECTION will help academic institutions better utilize faculty and facilities to ensure needed courses are available and students stay on track with their degree plans toward on-time graduation.”

SECTION provides a single dashboard for controlling and monitoring the many steps in an often distributed section development workflow that includes planning, reviewing, scheduling, revising and confirming. With fully configurable processes and forms, institutions avoid the cost and complexity associated with customized software.

“DIGARC teamed with top institutions across all higher education segments to develop SECTION after realizing that there was no solution on the market that satisfied all of their requirements,” says DIGARC CTO Ben Battle. “We’re confident SECTION succeeds where other solutions fail by offering more configurable options and better integration with campus systems.”

SECTION offers integration with campus SIS systems to ensure campus-wide consistency. Schedulers control what gets synced and when, ensuring only approved information is published when it’s ready.

In combination with SECTION, DIGARC’s Acalog and Curriculog enable institutions to control the entire lifecycle of curriculum from proposal to availability, establishing and maintaining a single source of truth across campuses.

“Along with Acalog and Curriculog, SECTION demonstrates our dedication to providing the unified platform, products and services that align the offerings of educational providers with student success,” says Selden.

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