Case Study: How Capilano University Stays on the Cutting Edge

Although Capilano’s registration system had at one point been cutting-edge, Registrar Karen McCredie knew the process could be improved. The system in place was a two-step process: first, students searched for their courses using trial and error to create schedules, with no means to save their work. Then, they used a separate login to enter their course selections and register. This created a number of issues each semester – lost plans, unavailable schedules due to classes being full – and required a lot of help from staff.

“REGISTER allowed a multiple-step process to become a single, streamlined experience. We monitored usage carefully and noticed two things right away: students adopted REGISTER enthusiastically, and we received next to no support calls about how to register for classes.”

Karen McCredie

Former Registrar, Capilano University

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How Capilano University Stays on the Cutting Edge

Always on the lookout for innovative solutions to help her students, Registrar Karen McCredie from Capilano University knew that in DIGARC REGISTER she found what she needed – a system that would streamline the registration process. What she didn’t anticipate was how much more benefit it would bring.

More than 90% of Capilano students adopted REGISTER in the first registration period it was available despite having no training. Such a high adoption rate is a testament to its simple, easy-to-use interface, and it ensured an excellent return on the university’s investment.

REGISTER leverages degree plan and SIS data to inform the entire scheduling process so students and advisors can quickly and easily create a schedule that helps them increase credit hours to reduce time to graduation. It gave Capilano students the ability to create a visual schedule that they could filter based on degree plans, schedule restrictions and section preferences.

Enhancing the schedule planning and registration process with REGISTER resulted in an increase in the average number of credits taken per student and fewer support calls. Students take more classes, which leads to faster progression and higher retention and graduation rates, and there is less demand on support staff. Download the case study today to start improving your student scheduling and registration experience.

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Karen McCredie, Former Registrar, Capilano University

“We gained visibility over our course offerings and student demand in ways we had never imagined. It’s a game changer.”

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