Podcast: More Resources For Registrars Will Mean Better Education For Students

Host Daniel Litwin sat down with Edgewood College Registrar Michelle Kelley and DIGARC to discuss the scheduling challenges university registrar offices face and the technology solutions available to solve them.

“This process has needed to be improved for decades at our institution.”

Michelle Kelley

Registrar, Edgewood College

Podcast: More Resources For Registrars Will Mean Better Education for Students

Michelle Kelley, Edgewood College Registrar and Skip Ernst, DIGARC Product Manager

More Resources For Registrars Will Mean Better Education For Students

University curriculums have mostly kept pace with new majors, changing careers and student interests, but one area that’s been left behind is the class scheduling process. Higher education administrators have done their best to maneuver the inconsistencies, but the back-end of class scheduling is riddled with potential pitfalls, lack of standardization, and lack of transparency.

“Every semester we create the schedule of courses that’ll be offered and that students register for, but that process has not had a satisfactory software solution to streamline it,” Michelle Kelley, registrar at Edgewood College said, explaining how data is exported to a cumbersome spreadsheet and then manually updated as educators provide information. “There are numerous problems in that process.”

Edgewood implemented DIGARC’s SECTION schedule planning solution in 2019, hoping to streamline and eliminate manual processes.

“In our implementation of the SECTION software, the very first thing that stood out for us was the dashboard,” Kelley said, explaining how the clean dashboard makes it easy for even non-tech savvy people to use. “SECTION provides a great mechanism to accomplish that.”

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