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Your academic catalog is no longer just a list of courses, programs, and policies—it is one of the most visited areas of your website by prospective and current students. Using catalog management software, integrate with you SIS and embed a responsive catalog into your institution’s websites for increased data accuracy across campus systems and student success. Make a change once and publish it everywhere, without duplicate entry and the risk of error.

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Coffee Break: Say Goodbye to Catalog Chaos Are you tired of paper-based processes and outdated PDFs? Register for this 15-minute demo plus Q&A to learn how DIGARC’s industry-leading Acalog academic catalog management software will help you:
• Publish a more accurate online catalog and keep your SIS up-to-date by eliminating duplicate entry and reducing reliance on PDF catalogs or homegrown systems
• Support student recruitment efforts by publishing an interactive catalog with videos, photos, social media, Degree Planners and more that's also mobile-friendly
• Transform your catalog production timeline from months to weeks and improve user experience for faculty and staff

In a 2017 client survey, Acalog users reported a 90% average increase in student engagement and a 75% reduction in catalog production time. Webinar attendees receive a free Starbucks gift card as a thanks for participating. Don’t miss this opportunity to start transforming your academic catalog management processes!
9/3/20203:00pm EDT30 minutes


Easily create, organize and publish interactive course information online in real-time with the DIGARC ACALOG academic catalog management system. With robust, flexible tools for managing catalog data and integrating it into other websites, you can rest assured that your data is consistent anywhere referenced, supporting student success. After DIGARC transitions your first catalog into our academic catalog management system, it’s easy to make changes on your own from an intuitive dashboard, instead of returning to us every step of the way. That’s why it’s used by more institutions than all our competitors combined.

Turn your catalog into a destination—not just a publication

Today's learners demand modern web experiences and interactivity. ACALOG catalogs deliver photos, videos and other rich media in a responsive layout that looks great on a laptop, phone or any device. Social media integrations encourage students to keep friends and family informed during their college search while also generating links back to your website for their friends who are likely prospective students themselves. In a 2017 client survey, ACALOG users reported a 90% average increase in student engagement.

Make every student a power user

Ensure students can quickly and easily find the info they need with ACALOG's industry-leading search functionality and the ability to keep archived catalogs available alongside your current catalogs. By incorporating printable Degree Planners and guided pathways information, you can help students stay on track and graduate on time or transfer. Empower students to plan their college careers with individual course portfolios that they can share with advisors.

Stop publishing outdated catalogs

Make a change in one location in your ACALOG catalog and it’s updated everywhere the data is referenced, including other websites with the API enabled. Import approved curriculum directly from CURRICULOG effortlessly, so you eliminate the tedious work of checking for continuity across digital assets. Manage stakeholder edits, request approvals and publish catalogs in real time from an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. In a 2017 client survey, ACALOG users reported a 75% reduction in the time it took to produce their catalog.


Increase collaboration and transparency

Empower departmental editors to make catalog changes while keeping a comprehensive audit trail of every edit that can be maintained for the life of the catalog. Support any number of editors working on their own schedule or concurrently, and track edits with timestamps, user IDs, comments and approval records. Attach critical curriculum documents, including learning objectives, administratively to courses and programs.


Implement easily in just 3-4 months for faster ROI

An experienced 7-plus member implementation team will be dedicated to your project start-to-finish, not a revolving door of staff unfamiliar with your unique needs. Unlike other solutions that take 6-12 months to implement and make you return for ongoing support, your ACALOG catalogs will be up and running in an average of 3-4 months so you can quickly start saving time and stop printing outdated catalogs.


Harness the power of Connected CurriculumTM


Our nearly 20 years of experience working with diverse academic institutions enables us to integrate data with a range of student information systems (SIS), including PeopleSoft and Ellucian Ethos, Banner and Colleague, as well as homegrown and other SIS systems. To reduce duplicate entry errors and maintain consistency of digital assets, ACALOG is able to pull data in and push data out. The experienced integration team works with clients and IT departments as needed to determine their goals and objectives, and plan and execute a successful and smooth integration.

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