Catalog Management

It's time to reimagine your course catalog

The traditional course catalog has undergone an important metamorphosis.

It’s no longer just an exhaustive list of courses, programs, and policies. It’s how students map out their future careers; it might have even been the deciding factor for attending your school. That’s a pretty powerful “book.”

Thanks to Acalog, colleges and universities across the country have turned their academic catalog into an agile marketing tool that’s always relevant and never out of date. Create, organize, and publish interactive course information in real time—all while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of every decision made along the way.

“I would recommend Acalog to anyone searching not just for a great web-based catalog, but anyone searching for a truly refreshing and rewarding experience with a company that cares about the client experience like no other I have worked with.”
– Holly Halmo, Assistant to the Dean
NYU Poly

Filled with photos and videos and integrated with social media, an Acalog catalog is much more than a PDF of what’s inside those dusty dinosaurs stacked in your Admissions office. It’s an entirely new species.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say.

Engineered differently


Why is Acalog the most robust, capable, and efficient solution for academic catalog management? All of our competitors attempt to adapt a generic content management system to handle academic content. But when you consider the unique properties of academic content—hierarchical structure, a huge volume of content, and duplicate course references—that page-based approach of a standard Web CMS doesn’t make sense. So we diverged. The fundamental difference between our software and our competitors’ is that we harness the power of a relational database. By treating course, programs and policies like data rather than “pages,” we eliminate weeks of tedious work chasing edits and checking for continuity across entire catalogs. Make a change in one location and it’s updated everywhere. It’s that simple.

Since trademarking our revolutionary “Academic Catalog Management System” (ACMS) in 2001, we’ve provided a platform to reliably manage and deliver thousands of interactive online catalogs for hundreds of colleges and universities across the country. Take a look at some of the benefits our users enjoy.


Conserve your budget and the environment

Reducing your reliance on paper catalogs allows you to cut back spending and save a few trees at the same time. If you decide to go to print, exporting your catalog with consistent styling is quick and easy.


Stay on brand with seamless website integration

Ensure brand consistency with an online catalog that matches your institution’s website. With Acalog, it’s easy to keep pace with the changing look and feel of your school’s online presence without putting in a call to campus IT.


Never have an out-of-date catalog again

With Acalog, your “current catalog” is always current. With one click, catalog managers can instantly copy, archive and publish catalogs on demand. Made a mistake? Make critical corrections in real time—no republishing necessary.


Keep students engaged with interactive, feature-rich catalogs

Spotlight photos, student testimonial videos, and other rich media alongside academic content. The possibilities are endless but the results are the same: excited, motivated students. Similarly, Acalog also supports social media integration, encouraging conversation about your school and generating valuable linkbacks to your website. Acalog even supplies prospective and current students with space to create individual course portfolios, which they can save and share with administrators and advisors down the road.

Advanced features at-a-glance

  • Support an unlimited number of editors
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Built-in tracking and approval workflow
  • Dedicated mobile design
  • Powerful catalog-specific search
  • Direct integration with Curriculog

Acalog Enterprise: The system-wide solution

Manage course catalogs across multiple, independently branded campuses from one centralized location. Create unique online catalogs without entering redundant information using an unpublished, system-level catalog that serves as a repository for all shared content. The features are more robust, but the basic premise is still the same. Update your shared content once and it will instantly update across all other catalogs.

We’d love to speak with you more in-depth about the power and control that an Acalog online catalog can give your institution. Contact us today to learn more.

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