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Reimagine your course catalog

Build a Better Academic Catalog

Your academic catalog is no longer just a list of courses, programs and policies—it’s one of the most visited areas of your website by prospective and current students.

Easily create, organize and publish interactive course information in real-time with the DIGARC Acalog academic catalog management system. It gives you flexible tools to turn your catalog into a destination—not just a publication.

In a 2017 client survey, Acalog users reported a 90% average increase in student engagement and a 75% reduction in the time it took to produce their catalog. Hear what they have to say:

“I would recommend Acalog to anyone searching not just for a great web-based catalog, but anyone searching for a truly refreshing and rewarding experience with a company that cares about the client experience like no other I have worked with.”
– Holly Halmo, Assistant to the Dean
NYU Poly

Engineered differently

When you consider the unique properties of academic content—hierarchical structure, a huge volume of content and duplicate course references—the page-based approach used by our competitors doesn’t meet the evolving needs of many colleges and universities.

Acalog is a more flexible, robust and efficient solution for academic catalog management. It harnesses the power of a relational database that treats course, programs and policies like data rather than “pages.”

After DIGARC transitions your first catalog into our academic catalog management system in mere weeks, it’s easy to make changes on your own from an intuitive dashboard, instead of returning to us every step of the way. That’s why it’s now used by nearly 600 colleges and universities—more than all our competitors combined.



Never publish an outdated catalog

Make a change in one location and it’s updated everywhere, eliminating weeks of tedious work chasing edits and checking for continuity across catalogs. Manage stakeholder edits, request approvals and publish catalogs in real time from an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Keep fully functional, searchable prior catalogs archived for future reference along with your current catalog.


Stay on brand with seamless website integration

Ensure consistency with your school’s online presence with an academic catalog branded to match your institution’s website. Embed your catalog into other websites and sync it with campus systems so there’s a single source of truth across departments, campuses, SIS and anywhere else course information is referenced.



Engage students with interactive, feature-rich catalogs

Offer the digital experience students have come to expect with photos, videos and other rich media. Help students stay on track and graduate on time or transfer with Printable Degree Planners and guided pathways information that stays within archived catalogs. Empower students to share their interests with friends, parents, administrators and advisors with social media capabilities and individual course portfolios.

Advanced features

  • Support an unlimited number of editors
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Built-in tracking and approval workflow
  • Dedicated mobile design
  • Powerful catalog-specific search
  • Fully functional archived catalogs
  • Acalog API to embed catalog on other websites
  • Integration with Curriculog, Ellucian Ethos, PeopleSoft and Jenzabar


Rise above the rest with SELECT

Accelerate your capabilities with SELECT solutions:

  • DIGARC GATEWAY: Transform your institution’s academic catalog gateway pages into a sleek, engaging marketing tool with a customized design that supports your institution’s brand.
  • DIGARC PRINT: Make print-ready documents or printed and bound catalogs available, choosing from a variety of design templates with options including cover design, fonts, table of contents, headers, footers and more.
  • DIGARC INTEGRATION: Integrate your catalog with other campus systems to save time and eliminate duplicate entry and errors. Use Ellucian Ethos to integrate with Banner and Colleague. Seamlessly import and export data from PeopleSoft and Jenzabar.


Start building a better catalog

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