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Better at every step

Your curriculum is a living, breathing organism that is evolving every day. Here’s software that can keep up.


“Curriculog has enabled Kennesaw State University to create a one-stop repository for managing the complexity of its undergraduate and graduate curriculum management process, taking into account the collaborative efforts of the faculty all the way up to the Provost. ”
– Jamie Grimes, Manager of Academic Publications
Kennesaw State University

Ready to liberate yourself from the longstanding tradition of pushing papers from department to department, committee to committee? Or worse, watching proposals stack up on desks until the mad scramble just before the deadline hits? With Curriculog, control over your curriculum workflow is just a click away. Built on an intuitive, flexible platform, Curriculog is better at every step—empowering its users to develop their own automated approval paths, tailored to the unique needs of each institution. And because Curriculog integrates with Acalog as well as other campus systems, you’ll know with confidence that your course information is consistent and your bases are covered when it’s time for accreditation review.

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Designed with you in mind

Curriculog is the product of years of research and direct input from many of our higher-ed clients. In response to their requests and recommendations, we’ve created a robust, easy-to-use solution to automate curriculum workflow and approval.

Meet any workflow challenge with comprehensive software

Curriculog is comprehensive enough to support an unlimited number of customizable forms and rule-based routing processes, including exception handling, committee meeting agendas, impact and bottleneck reports, and program and course assessment mapping. Using our robust suite of features, you’ll be able to adapt templates to fit the specific approval mechanisms of each program, department, and committee within your institution.

Save time and ensure consistency with automated workflows

With role-based management, approval processes are automatically populated with the appropriate participants as soon as a proposal is identified with a department or institutional unit.


Track proposals from end to end with one intuitive dashboard

Keep an eye on all active proposals and easily monitor the progress of your own and those for which you have active tasks. Administrators can even configure custom help messages and field labels used in Curriculog to help users feel more in control and at ease with their new software.

Work smarter with software that evolves when you do

Even the most ironed-out processes encounter special circumstances. Curriculog is flexible and nimble enough to roll with the changes. With exception handling, proposals can be held, cancelled, or custom routed on the fly. Administrators can even add new individuals to established workflows or assign group approval privileges to individual participants as ad-hoc needs arise. Keep committees on track by creating printable, custom agendas.


  • Direct integration with Acalog
  • Impact reporting
  • Role-based participation management
  • Configurable voting for step approval
  • Conditional approval steps
  • Field-level crosslisting
  • Interactive committee agendas
  • Assessment tracking and mapping

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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