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Ready to liberate yourself from pushing papers from department to department, committee to committee? Simplify gathering stakeholder input and reduce the time it takes to get proposals approved by automating curriculum processes with Curriculog.

Curriculog integrates with Acalog as well as other campus systems, so you save time and have more confidence that your course information is consistent campus-wide. When it’s time for accreditation review, you’ll have a neatly organized set of digial records instead of stacks of papers, Post-it notes and paper clips.

In a 2017 client survey, Curriculog cut curriculum approval times an average of 50%. Hear what they have to say:

“We are 100% confident in our choice of Curriculog. It far exceeds our expectations. Combined with best-in-class customer service and eagerness to work with us directly to make our processes better, we are excited to implement the best solution for our curriculum management.”
– Christine Deacons, Curriculum Coordinator
Eastern Michigan University

Meet the Workflow Wonder

The most difficult part of solving institutional issues is reinventing processes that dictate how work gets done. Curriculog includes tools to define and enforce processes, so faculty and staff can get back to educating instead of administrating. Designed with flexibility in mind, Curriculog lets you adapt workflows as needed for your institution from an intuitive, at-a-glance dashboard.


Meet any workflow challenge With Ease

Create an unlimited number of customizable forms, templates and rule-based routing tailored to each program, department and committee. Use exception handling to hold, cancel or custom-route proposals.

Save time and improve collaboration

Match a proposal with a department or institutional unit and the appropriate stakeholders are automatically populated into the process, notified that their input is requested and directed to an easy-to-use interface where they can edit and approve. Add new individuals to workflows or assign group approval privileges to individual participants as needs arise.


Track proposals from end to end with one intuitive dashboard

Easily monitor proposals and export impact and bottleneck reports to proactively identify where issues may occur. Keep committees on track by creating custom, printable agendas. Configure help messages and field labels to guide users and make them feel at ease.

Integrate with your SIS

Save time and eliminate duplicate entry and errors. Use Ellucian Ethos to integrate with Banner and Colleague. Seamlessly import and export data from PeopleSoft and Jenzabar.

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Advanced features

  • Impact and bottleneck reporting
  • Role-based participation management
  • Configurable voting for step approval
  • Conditional approval steps
  • Interactive committee agendas
  • Assessment tracking and mapping
  • Direct integration with Acalog, Ellucian Ethos and other campus systems


That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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