Stop chasing paper and start getting curriculum approved in half the time

Meet demand for new courses and support student success by cutting curriculum approval times in half. Reinvent your curriculum approval workflows and efficiently move proposals to the people who need them with a single click. When it’s time for accreditation review, you’ll have a neatly organized set of digital records instead of stacks of papers.

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Coffee Break: How to Shorten Curriculum Approval Time by 50% Struggling through antiquated curriculum approval processes? Attend this 15-minute demo plus Q&A to learn how to save time and improve collaboration by automating curriculum proposal processes with Curriculog. You'll learn how the Curriculog curriculum management system will help you:
• Define and enforce curriculum proposal processes so faculty and staff can get back to educating instead of administrating
• Create forms, templates and rule-based routing tailored to each program, department and committee
• Ensure data consistency across campus by integrating with your SIS and DIGARC's Acalog academic catalog management system

As a thanks for attending, you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card. Get ready to take the next step in your digital transformation.
4/16/20203:00pm EDT30 minutes
Connecting Curriculum in an Age of Isolation In times of crisis, it’s vital to identify tools that help you manage change more easily and processes that assist you in staying agile and adapting quickly to evolving circumstances.

Attend the “Connecting Curriculum in an Age of Isolation” webinar on Thursday, April 23 at 2 p.m. ET featuring staff from Clemson University, San Jose State University, and Oberlin College who tackled curriculum management challenges amidst COVID-19.

Don’t miss this unique peer-learning opportunity to hear your colleagues share:
· strategies they’re deploying to adapt to the new environment
· what they did to ease the transition to a remote workplace and virtual learning
· their perspectives on the potential permanent impacts to higher education curriculum development

Dr. Jeffrey R. Appling, Associate Dean for Curriculum in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Clemson University
As Associate Dean for Curriculum in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Appling oversees curriculum development, management of academic eligibility, academic integrity, and enrollment matters.

Liz Clerkin, Associate Dean for Academic Advising/Registrar, Oberlin College
Liz Clerkin has been a Registrar since 1980, first at Indiana University-Bloomington and then at Oberlin College. Oberlin implemented Acalog in 2004, Curriculog in 2018-19, and SECTION in 2020.

Sarah Schraeder, Curriculum Analyst, San José State University
Sarah Schraeder joined San José State University in August 2019. Before joining San José State, she served as Curriculum Analyst at California State University, Stanislaus since 2015.
4/23/20202:30pm EDT1 hour


The most difficult part of solving institutional issues is reinventing processes that dictate how work gets done. The CURRICULOG curriculum management system lets you define and enforce processes, so faculty and staff can get back to educating instead of administrating. Designed with flexibility in mind, adapt workflows as needed for your institution from an intuitive, at-a-glance dashboard.

Increase transparency and share ownership

Simplify gathering stakeholder input while increasing collaboration between faculty and staff with automated review workflows that offer transparency to who has which proposal at any given time. Keep curriculum data synced effortlessly with the ACALOG academic catalog management system and campus systems, so you reduce manual work and duplicate entry and have more confidence that your course information is consistent campus-wide.

Develop workflows that work for you, not a standard process

Create an unlimited number of customizable forms, templates and rule-based routing tailored to each program, department and committee, instead of conforming to a single process and workflow. Match a proposal with a department or institutional unit and the appropriate stakeholders are automatically populated into the process and directed to an easy-to-use interface where they can provide input. Configure help messages and field labels to guide users so it’s easy to get faculty and staff up-to-speed.

Manage proposals end-to-end from an intuitive dashboard

Easily monitor proposals and export impact and bottleneck reports to proactively identify where issues may occur. Use exception handling to hold, cancel or custom-route proposals. Quickly add new individuals to workflows or assign group approval privileges as needs arise. Keep committees on track by creating custom, printable agendas.

The latest technologies and integrations to support Connected CurriculumTM

“We had a major change to our general education pattern so we needed to review 400 courses and it was a huge undertaking. To be honest, I can’t really imagine doing that, keeping track of all those proposals, in Word documents. CURRICULOG allows us to track changes a lot easier and route the proposals a lot easier than in the past.”

Blake Buller

Asst. Articulation Officer, California State University, Channel Islands

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