Class Scheduling

Ditch spreadsheets and streamline scheduling


Emailing forms, tracking spreadsheets and duplicating changes in the SIS leads to class scheduling errors that can derail registration. From request to approval, make managing course sections more efficient with DIGARC SECTION.


Designed with you in mind

Our partners asked and we listened, developing a robust, easy-to-use solution to simplify scheduling and reduce administrative workloads.

Manage scheduling like a pro

Eliminate document-based processes and duplicate data entry. Organize, monitor and forecast classroom space by college or department in compliance with your institution’s policies. Assess faculty teaching schedules and control late or special requests from a central, intuitive dashboard.


Share ownership and workload

Empower faculty and departments to make scheduling change requests that adhere to policy standards.


Increase transparency

Track requests, view meeting pattern popularity and resolve conflicts like faculty and room overlaps earlier in the process. See exceptions clearly with real-time, color-coded charts.


Customize to your needs

Tailor forms and workflows to adapt to your processes. Determine the data to collect with easy-to-use drop-down menus and other selection tools.

Integrate with your SIS

Submit current section information to your SIS without duplicate entry that leads to errors.


Start simplifying your scheduling process

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