Empower students to easily discover programs, pathways, careers and more

Improve prospective student engagement and support recruitment by integrating DIGARC EXPLORE interactive search modules within your institutional website. The pre-built, highly configurable web modules help learners research programs, careers, transfer information, costs, and more, all without ever leaving your website.

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Tackling Multi-Campus Enrollment in a PeopleSoft Environment Hear from Kim Haydon, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System's Director of Administrative Support and Operations, about how they give 85,000 students at 16 colleges across 70 campuses the ability to search course options over multiple colleges and campuses and register quickly and easily.

The scheduling process is informed by degree plans and data from the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions environment, and students can filter results based on schedule restrictions and section preferences. The integration with Enrollment Web Services (EWS) enables students to add, drop and swap classes from a shopping cart and register. Students can register in an average 11-14 minutes instead of 4 hours and are more likely to register for more credit hours, reducing time to graduation and supporting retention and success efforts.

Kim has been in her role since June 1998 and led the implementation of REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB in 2014. Don't miss this opportunity to hear how they offer a better scheduling and registration experience for more than 40% of Kentucky's undergrads.
12/11/20193:30pm EST1 hour
Coffee Break: How to Optimize Your Website to Maximize Enrollment Conversion Attend this 15-minute demo to learn how to empower students to search program, career, transfer data and more on your website with a new DIGARC solution called EXPLORE. As a thanks for attending, you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card.
You'll discover how institutions:
• Increase the amount of time students spend on their websites by reducing their need to visit other websites to search for information
• Boost their website's effectiveness without significant institutional time for application development, data collection or maintenance
• Find out what students are searching for so they can improve effectiveness of recruitment communications and optimize conversion

With your website affecting how 8 in 10 students view your institution, you can't afford to ignore user experience! We look forward to sharing EXPLORE with you.

Presented by Craig Maslowsky, Vice President, EXPLORE
12/12/20192:00pm EST30 minutes
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Connect, Attract, Recruit Webinar: Enhancing Your Institution’s Digital Marketing Ecosystem Marketing and admissions departments are charged with increasing quality leads and decreasing cost per enrollment. Personalized, engaging experiences pay dividends and bolster recruitment and enrollment rates. During this webinar, we’ll discuss how institutions use data related to student search activity to optimize their search engine marketing (SEM). You’ll learn how to effectively use tactics such as YouTube, PPC advertising, and re-engagement throughout the prospective student marketing funnel to drive engagement and support enrollment.

Guest Speaker:
Benjamin Arabov, CEO, Grow Enrollments
Benjamin Arabov is CEO of an AdWords agency for education companies called Grow Enrollments. He previously was founder and CEO of Pure Digital, a digital marketing company that was the youngest company to be a Google premium partner.

Hosted by:
Craig Maslowsky , Vice President of DIGARC EXPLORE

Craig Maslowsky is the Vice President of DIGARC EXPLORE and an expert in higher education enrollment marketing operations and technology.
He founded new|ed (now EXPLORE by DIGARC) in 2015 to help institutions modernize enrollment exploration on their websites. Craig led enrollment and marketing units for 15 years at several national post-secondary institutions before joining DIGARC in early 2019. Most recently, he increased enrollment from 32,000 to 40,000 as VP for Marketing and Enrollment at Excelsior College.
12/11/20192:00pm EST1 hour

Digarc Explore Student Pathfinder

When students visit your website to research their academic pathway, is the information they need at their fingertips, or are they opening new tabs to search salary projections and career paths? Empower students to conduct informative, interactive discovery on your website without spending a lot of time or money on application development, data collection or maintenance.



Help prospective students freely discover and compare your institution’s offerings wherever they may search. Simply embed the EXPLORE Program module strategically within your institution’s website, and prospects can search by keyword, subject or related job title, then filter results by degree type, time to completion, delivery location and method.


Students and prospects can conveniently identify career interests and uncover related programs with the EXPLORE Career module. Highlight salary, job growth projections, alumni successes and the corresponding educational options, enabling students and prospects to tailor their curriculum choices, pathways and job market preferences to best suit their educational and career objectives.



For the first time, prospective students can connect programs, careers and costs directly within your departmental web pages with EXPLORE Inform. Enable comparison of options. Allow prospects to customize course load to determine time and cost to completion.

Illuminate pathways and maximize student transfer credit with interactive discovery

Digarc Explore Student Pathfinder

Two of the most significant positive impacts on attracting transfer students are the number of prior credits accepted and the programs to which they apply. Simplify the process of matching a prospect’s prior credits and credentials to your institution’s programs with EXPLORE Navigator and EXPLORE Equivalency modules.

In real time, prospects can report prior credits, be presented with a prioritized list of programs based on those credits, and then see resulting estimated costs calculated for programs and pathways of interest including tuition, fees, room and board, pace of completion and aid packages.

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How to Optimize Your Website to Maximize Enrollment Conversion

Learn how to boost your recruiting without significant institutional time for application development, data collection or maintenance. Participants receive a Starbucks gift card as our thanks!


Kevin Jensen, Associate VP & Chief Enrollment Management Officer

“Prospective students can quickly find the return on investment, accurate course and program data we know weighs heavily on the college selection process without going to other websites.”

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