Reinvent how students experience their scheduling and registration

Simplify and streamline the registration process for students by empowering them to create a visual calendar based on the courses they need to graduate and preferred times, locations and more. Students can easily register for more credit hours to reduce time to graduation, supporting student retention and success efforts. Institutions get insight like never before into supply and demand.

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Coffee Break: Support Student Success by Simplifying Scheduling & Registration Learn how to simplify scheduling by letting students create a visual calendar based on course requirements and preferred times, enabling them to register in an average of 11-14 minutes instead of 4 hours. By streamlining the process, students and advisers can plan schedules that increase credit hours taken to reduce time to graduation, supporting student success.

Join Alan Weeks the VP of REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB and learn how to:
- Increase student persistence and reduce time to graduation by one semester
- Increase time spent on long-term goal setting and reduce time spent on developing schedules during advising appointments
- Monitor student search and enrollment activities including course supply and demand, common conflicts and enrollment heat maps

We look forward to introducing you to REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB! As a thanks for attending, you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card. To learn more, visit
6/12/20193:00pm EDT30 minutes

DIGARC REGISTER Student Scheduling

Give students the ability to create a visual schedule that they can quickly filter based on degree plans, schedule restrictions and section preferences. DIGARC REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB uses API-enabled integration that leverages degree plan and SIS data to inform the entire scheduling process.

Support Student Retention and Success

Students at four-year colleges who take 15 credits their first semester are 11% more likely to earn a degree than those who take 12 credits, according to The Community College Research Center. With the ability to easily and quickly register for the courses they need in an average of 14 minutes instead of 4 hours, institutions using REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB contributed to increased student persistence by 1.41 credit hours, and faster graduation by one semester. By improving persistence even 1 percent, schools can increase kept tuition and fees by millions annually.

Plan a Smarter Schedule

Support planning and faculty and facility resource allocation by monitoring student search and enrollment activities including course supply and anticipated demand, common course conflicts, student persistence and enrollment heat maps. Operationalize these insights with API-enabled integration between REGISTER and DIGARC’s SECTION schedule planning tool to gain visibility into the scheduling process from request to registration, and agility to shift sections based on popularity.

Improve Advising Efforts

What if your advising appointments weren’t a hectic scramble to match pathways requirements with schedule options? Advising appointments after implementing REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB can focus more on essential questions about a student’s potential career paths, financial aid and more, further contributing to student success and retention.

The latest technologies and integrations for a better scheduling experience

DIGARC REGISTER Student Scheduling

REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB takes you beyond reactive data and historical registration trends and delivers proactive insight from live course and section demand reports. Improve your resource allocation by easily viewing and downloading formatted reports with detailed information about student scheduling trends.

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Karen McCredie, Former Registrar, Capilano University
“We gained visibility over our course offerings and student demand in ways we had never imagined. It’s a game changer.”

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