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SUNY Oneonta

Prospective students can quickly find the return on investment, accurate course and program data we know weighs heavily on the college selection process without going to other websites. They get an improved website experience, and our staff are able to better connect with prospective students and support our marketing.

— Kevin Jensen, Associate VP and Chief Enrollment Management Officer for SUNY Oneonta (EXPLORE, Acalog and Curriculog)

Purdue University

The biggest impact was getting to that one catalog and that one source of truth so that students knew exactly what they were expected to do for four years, and faculty and staff and everyone were on the same page with curriculum implementation.

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— Kimberly Watley, Assistant Registrar for Curriculum and Catalog

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Acalog and Curriculog have been a huge component in the Graduation Initiative’s success. Since the campus-wide rollout, positive reviews have been received from advisers and faculty about the simplicity of catalog production with Acalog and the reduced time course and curriculum proposals take using Curriculog.

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— Leslie Zenk, Assistant Provost

Des Moines Area Community College

Acalog brought us together as a college. We’ve gained structure and consistency, and that’s a big deal. Now we can focus on helping students graduate, which is our goal first and foremost.

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— Heidi Heilskov, Assistant Registrar

College of Charleston

When we went live with Curriculog, it really simplified a lot of things. It streamlined it so that we only ever have one version of a form out and we only have one version of a proposal. It's very easy to log in the system and see exactly where it is, who has it, how long they've had it and what the next step is.


— Megan Gould, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs

California State University, Los Angeles

What I like most is the mobile catalog. I do Google Analytics and see how many users are using the desktop and how many are using the mobile. I see the mobile slowly inching in. It used to be 50%, now it's 20%. I like to have that option of having the mobile catalog.


— Steve Krentzman, Catalog Webmaster/C.O. Degrees Database Editor

California State University, Channel Islands

People now are used to being able to have access to the information they want 24/7, wherever they're at, wherever there's internet access. The key piece for students is the Acalog online catalog is accessible to them wherever they have a computer or a smart phone and internet access.


— Blake Buller, Assistant Articulation Officer

Saginaw Valley State University

Being as happy with Acalog as we were, and being as happy with DIGARC as were, Curriculog became a natural choice. We looked at competitors that couldn't touch our processes. We knew that eventually we would want to work with Curriculog right into our student information system, so Integration Manager was very enticing to me. A lot of my manual work that went between the end of the curriculum management process and the beginning of a catalog made Curriculog a really natural choice.


— Laura Peil, Special Assistant to the Provost

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