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South Louisiana Community College

We're taking a project that — I’m not kidding you — probably took us nine months from start to finish down to four to six weeks, and I would say our errors went from 90% to 10%. The catalog is actually accurate, it has the right information now. And if you find a mistake, tell me because I can easily put in a period, I can add a comma and I can do it within 10 seconds.


— Courtney Schoolmaster, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Harding University

It's been a huge cost savings with our prospective students. We want to see our students graduate on time and we see a catalog as a key part of that.


— Nancy Tackett, Assistant to the Provost

Polk State College

I would highly recommend Curriculog because of the time that it saved us. Because of the transparency that it offers to us, I no longer have to try to track down things that have been misplaced. I know exactly where to find proposals and who has them at what time.


— Sarah Plazack, Academic Services

Western Washington University

I love Acalog because it can manage a high volume of complex data with ease and precision. Acalog makes our catalog informative and interactive, and it’s an important resource for students, our campus community, and beyond. Once a year I hit the magical "publish" button to the Western Washington University Catalog website. Today was the day I published the 2018-2019 University Catalog. This is the earliest it has been available online and in plenty of time for fall 2018 registration.


— Jamie Lawson, University Catalog & Curriculum Coordinator

Highline College

The idea that Curriculog integrates so fully to Acalog was a huge seller. It wasn’t difficult to sell to the campus to get the funding. It was like, this will make our life so much easier when it was already easier from Acalog.


— Carrie Davidson, Executive Assistant, Academic Affairs

University of Pittsburgh

Prior to DIGARC, we had duplicate information out there because sometimes people update one thing but they fail to update the other thing. We were able to use the API to connect the school's websites from within the catalog, so we don't have duplicate information anymore. By linking the websites through the catalog we know that the information is out there once and is right.


— Patti Mathay, Registrar

Eastern Michigan University

We are 100% confident in our choice of Curriculog. It far exceeds our expectations. Combined with best-in-class customer service and eagerness to work with us directly to make our processes better, we are excited to implement the best solution for our curriculum management.

— Christine Deacons, Curriculum Coordinator

College of the Ozarks

This the best software we've ever implemented, and I can't believe anyone would even hesitate to take this on for their own institution. I would not hesitate to go with Acalog if I had to choose again.


— Chery Marley, Office of the Academic Dean

Springfield College

Since implementing an online, electronic catalog, we have been able to maintain our catalog with manageable time frames and in a manner that allows us to involve several members of the campus community in providing input and updates in a timely manner while still allowing for administrative control. The interactive and flexible nature of our catalog serves all constituents, both internal and external, with a current, user friendly, easily navigated, and informational product.


— Keith Ingalls, Registrar

Delgado Community College

DIGARC worked with us every step of the way to help transition our college catalog online. The editing process is much easier and quicker in Acalog, and DIGARC customer support team members always provide fast service and solutions when we need them.

— Leslie T. Salinero, M.A., Publications Coordinator

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