How Valdosta State University Transformed Their Registration Process, From a CIO’s Perspective

Students at Valdosta State University had problems developing schedules that worked for their personal time constraints and degree plans so they could graduate on time. Watch the video to find out how they transformed their scheduling and registration to offer a better experience for students and more efficiently allocate faculty and facility resources.

“We would hear complaints that students couldn’t get into courses they wanted to when they wanted those course. From an administration perspective we were almost in the blind when it came to really being able to understand our students, which was very inefficient.”

Brian Haugabrook

Chief Information Officer, Valdosta State University

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How Valdosta State University Transformed Their Registration Process

At Valdosta State University (VSU), students had problems developing schedules that worked for their personal time constraints and degree plans to graduate on time. VSU used DegreeWorks to advise students on the courses needed semester-by-semester. Students had to list courses and go into Ellucian Banner and find times of each course.

VSU implemented DIGARC’s REGISTER Student Scheduling solution in 2018 to do what they hadn’t been able to before—offer a modern scheduling experience that helped students satisfy graduation requirements and their complicated personal schedules.

REGISTER integrated with Ellucian Banner and DegreeWorks so students could move beyond semester-by-semester course level recommendations to finding section level schedules that fit their academic and personal needs, enabling on-time graduation.

“Where REGISTER stood out was that it had that integration platform with our existing student information system, with our existing degree auditing system which is DegreeWorks, and so from that it can leverage the work that we’re already doing and really make that automated for us,” VSU CIO Brian Haugabrook said.

VSU also gained visibility into scheduling across their 30 departments and opened up conversations so departments didn’t schedule required courses in conflicting time-slots and students were able to graduate on time.

Now that department heads screen core course schedules and ensure that required courses for each program don’t conflict prior to finalizing class times, students always have at least one and often multiple schedule options from which to choose.

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