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Watch an archived webinar featuring higher ed professionals from across the country helping you solve issues related to marketing and enrollment, scheduling, catalog and curriculum, and more!

Webinar: Goodbye PDFs, Hello Acalog

If you currently use PDFs or other homegrown solutions to manage your catalog, you understand the challenges of making changes, sharing those changes with other departments and publishing your completed catalog. 

Discover how Acalog, the most robust catalog management solution today, will:

• Empower you to make changes once and publish everywhere instantly
• Enable nearly limitless configurability to meet your institution’s unique needs
• Modernize your catalog with an elegant, responsive design
• Provide your students with planning and portfolio tools to help them manage their schedule and academic career

Webinar: 10 Registration Functions Your Current SIS Can’t Do

In this lively, interactive webinar, Alan Weeks, Vice President of DIGARC, will show you how combining REGISTER with your Student Information System will take the pain and guesswork out of registration, enabling you to:

• Provide demonstrable ROI in terms of time and budget

• Deliver an outstanding student-centric experience that will increase persistence

• Enable a fully partnered integration of your SIS, degree plans, pathways, catalog and audit

• And much more


Webinar: Cut Your Curriculum Approval Times by 50%

 Casey Tedrow, Manager – Solutions Consulting will demonstrate how adding Curriculog, as your curriculum management solution will provide you with:

 • Unmatched speed and accuracy throughout the entire proposal and approval process

• Industry-leading configurability that works the way you do, not vice-versa

• Seamless integration that automatically works with your current SIS

• The most robust suite of reporting tools available

Webinar: New Acalog Registration Connection


See how ACALOG’s new connection allows students to select courses from the program catalog, seamlessly visualize real-time schedules, and complete registration

Join Alan Weeks, VP of REGISTER to see:

• The new ACALOG connection to scheduling and registration in action.

•  How the new ACALOG connection contributes to 1.41 credit hours more per student and speeds up graduation.

•  How you can now monitor student course search and enrollment activities including course supply and demand, common conflicts, and enrollment heat map

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Podcast: More Resources For Registrars Will Mean Better Education For Students

Host Daniel Litwin sat down with Michelle Kelley, Registrar at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin and DIGARC to discuss the scheduling challenges university registrar offices face and the technology solutions available.

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Modern Campus has acquired DIGARC

Modern Campus, the leading modern learner engagement platform, has acquired DIGARC. Read the press release and FAQ

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