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Acalog - What's New? What's Coming? What More Can I Learn? 9/4/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Coffee Break: Say Goodbye to Catalog Chaos Are you tired of paper-based processes and outdated PDFs? Register for this 15-minute demo plus Q&A to learn how DIGARC’s industry-leading Acalog academic catalog management software will help you:
• Publish a more accurate online catalog and keep your SIS up-to-date by eliminating duplicate entry and reducing reliance on PDF catalogs or homegrown systems
• Support student recruitment efforts by publishing an interactive catalog with videos, photos, social media, Degree Planners and more that's also mobile-friendly
• Transform your catalog production timeline from months to weeks and improve user experience for faculty and staff

In a 2017 client survey, Acalog users reported a 90% average increase in student engagement and a 75% reduction in catalog production time. Webinar attendees receive a free Starbucks gift card as a thanks for participating. Don’t miss this opportunity to start transforming your academic catalog management processes!
9/5/20193:00pm EDT30 minutes
Coffee Break: How to Optimize Your Website to Maximize Enrollment Conversion Attend this 15-minute demo to learn how to empower students to search program, career, transfer data and more on your website with a new DIGARC solution called EXPLORE. As a thanks for attending, you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card.
You'll discover how institutions:
• Increase the amount of time students spend on their websites by reducing their need to visit other websites to search for information
• Boost their website's effectiveness without significant institutional time for application development, data collection or maintenance
• Find out what students are searching for so they can improve effectiveness of recruitment communications and optimize conversion
With your website affecting how 8 in 10 students view your institution, you can't afford to ignore user experience! We look forward to sharing EXPLORE with you.
9/12/20192:00pm EDT30 minutes
Plan a Smarter Schedule with DIGARC SECTION & Ad Astra: Better Together Ready to streamline your scheduling processes? Attend a Sept. 12 webinar and hear how Thomas Nelson Community College plans a smarter schedule shaped by demand analytics so they ensure the classes needed are available and better support student success.

When they couple Ad Astra solutions with DIGARC SECTION schedule planning software, scheduling workflows become streamlined and they can enforce scheduling policies. Thomas Nelson tracks requests, manages faculty schedules, monitors classroom space and identifies conflicts in an intuitive, at-a-glance interface instead of flipping through spreadsheet tabs and developing complicated formulas.

Hear about the partnership during a webinar at 3 p.m. (EST) on Thurs., Sept. 12: "DIGARC SECTION & Ad Astra: Better Together." We'll share how you'll save time, better utilize faculty and facility resources and support on-time graduation by pairing Ad Astra's solutions with DIGARC SECTION. Don't miss this opportunity!
9/12/20193:00pm EDT1 hour
Engaging Post-Traditional Prospective Students Part of the Connect, Attract, Recruit Webinar Series for Higher Ed Marketing & Enrollment

Engaging Post-Traditional Prospective Students
Post-traditional learners make up 75%+ of students enrolled in institutions across the US. These students have become increasingly critical to institutions ability to sustain enrollment in the face of declining high-school graduate populations. This has created competition between institutions to attract and retain these students, making it vital to develop and manage a strategy to attract and serve this population. Learn how to assess your current communications and web content, incorporate effective practices moving forward, and continuously improve your efforts into the future.

What we’ll cover:
- Assessing your website for post-traditional friendliness.
- Incorporating informative, interactive experiences to engage this audience.
- Gathering and leveraging data that informs your post-traditional marketing and enrollment strategy.
- Crafting a powerful sub-brand for post-traditional learners.
- Aligning your post-traditional marketing efforts with your traditional enrollment efforts.

Guest Speaker:
Chris Montagnino - VP, Academic Partnerships & former enrollment executive Excelsior College, University of Phoenix, Herzing University

Your Host:
Craig Maslowsky is Vice President of DIGARC EXPLORE and an expert in higher education enrollment marketing operations and technology. He founded new|ed (now EXPLORE by DIGARC) in 2015 to help institutions modernize enrollment exploration on their websites. Craig led enrollment and marketing units for 15 years at several national post-secondary institutions before joining DIGARC in early 2019. Most recently, he increased enrollment from 32,000 to 40,000 as VP for Marketing and Enrollment at Excelsior College.
9/19/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Coffee Break: How to Shorten Curriculum Approval Time by 50% Struggling through antiquated curriculum approval processes? Attend this 15-minute demo plus Q&A to learn how to save time and improve collaboration by automating curriculum proposal processes with Curriculog. You'll learn how the Curriculog curriculum management system will help you:
• Define and enforce curriculum proposal processes so faculty and staff can get back to educating instead of administrating
• Create forms, templates and rule-based routing tailored to each program, department and committee
• Ensure data consistency across campus by integrating with your SIS and DIGARC's Acalog academic catalog management system
As a thanks for attending, you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card. Get ready to take the next step in your digital transformation.
9/19/20193:00pm EDT30 minutes
Coffee Break: Support Student Success by Simplifying Scheduling & Registration Learn how to simplify scheduling by empowering students to create a visual calendar based on course requirements and preferred times, enabling them to register in an average of 11-14 minutes! By streamlining the scheduling process with REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB, students and advisers can plan schedules that increase credit hours taken, supporting student success and reducing time to graduation by an average of one semester.

Join Pierre Guay, Sr. Account Executive of REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB, to learn how to:
- Empower students to increase credit hours taken every semester and reduce time to graduation
- Transform advising into long-term goal-setting with less on developing schedules
- Monitor student search and enrollment activities including course supply and demand, common conflicts and enrollment heat maps

We look forward to introducing you to REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB! As a thanks for attending, you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card. To learn more, visit https://www.digarc.com/student-scheduling/
9/25/20193:00pm EDT30 minutes
Coffee Break: Reduce Reliance on Spreadsheets & Streamline Schedule Planning Attend this 15-minute demo plus Q&A to learn how you to simplify and streamline the schedule planning process with DIGARC SECTION. You’ll find out how SECTION:
• Increases transparency into the many schedule planning steps — planning, reviewing, scheduling, revising and confirming
• Saves time by eliminating manual, paper-based processes and duplicate entry errors
• Better aligns faculty and facility utilization to conform to budgetary guidelines and ensure the courses students need are available
Attendees receive a Starbucks gift card as our thanks for attending!
9/26/20193:00pm EDT30 minutes

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