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Coffee Break: Say Goodbye to Catalog Chaos Are you tired of paper-based processes, post-it notes and PDFs? Register for this webinar to learn learn how Acalog, DIGARC’s industry-leading software, will help you:
• Eliminate duplicate entry and reduce errors while keeping your SIS up-to-date
• Publish an online academic catalog in real-time instead of reposting an outdated PDF
• Improve user experience for students, faculty and staff
The short 15-minute demo will be followed by Q&A time. Attendees will receive a free Starbucks gift card as a thanks for participating. Don’t miss this opportunity to start transforming your academic catalog management processes!
3/13/20192:00pm EDT30 minutes
Coffee Break: How to Shorten Curriculum Approval Time by 50% If you're struggling through antiquated curriculum approval processes, attend this short 15-minute demo plus Q&A to learn how to improve collaboration between administrators and faculty while reducing curriculum approval times by streamlining paper-based processes with Curriculog! Curriculog integrates with your SIS and DIGARC's Acalog academic catalog management software to ensure data consistency. As a thanks for attending, you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card. Get ready to take the next step in your digital transformation. 3/21/20193:00pm EDT30 minutes
Coffee Break: How to Streamline Schedule Planning with SECTION Attend this webinar to learn how DIGARC’s new solution — SECTION — improves the schedule planning process. You’ll find out how SECTION:
• Increases transparency into the many schedule planning steps — planning, reviewing, scheduling, revising and confirming
• Saves time by eliminating manual, paper-based processes and duplicate entry errors
• Better aligns faculty and facility utilization to conform to budgetary guidelines and ensure the courses students need are available
Attendees receive a Starbucks gift card as our thanks for attending!
3/28/20193:00pm EDT30 minutes

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