Exceptionally responsive service and support

Benefit from a solid team genuinely dedicated to treating people right.

We prefer “partner” to “vendor” because we focus beyond the business transaction to the relationship. Our charge is to be an extension of your institution, dedicated to helping you streamline, track and manage your institution’s entire course lifecycle.

From training to troubleshooting, we have a phenomenal team standing by to advise and assist.


“DIGARC is a great company to work with—from conversion to training to hand-holding, their team is patient, responsive and highly skilled. I think it’s an extraordinary product and DIGARC has a supportive team.”
– Peggy Fosdick, Director of Communications
McDaniel College

Person at desk using online catalog software.

After nearly 20 years working with a diverse array of academic institutions, we’ve developed a proven method for implementing our software that places a minimal burden on your staff and gets the job done in a fraction of the time as our competitors.

You’ll have a full project team in your corner, comprised of a dedicated consultant, project manager, trainer and transition staff—all eager to put their expertise in understanding and interpreting the unique challenges faced by higher education to work for you. From start to finish, DIGARC’s professional services group will consult, plan and execute a successful and smooth transition for your organization.


“I’ve worked with many different companies in the past and your training program is far superior to any I’ve ever participated in. Thank you for the thorough training sessions and the excellent training collateral to go with them. ”
– Carey Miller, Webmaster
Northwest College

Every project begins with a hands-on introduction to your new software. Why? Because we want to ensure that our clients are as well-acquainted with our software as possible, unlocking the opportunity to make strategic and tactical decisions from a position of confidence and knowledge. We want our customers to know they are in control while we focus on getting the results they expect.

We devote as much time as it takes for your organization to fully transition to using our products. In some instances, the process is very straightforward: catalogs are well-organized, curriculum forms and approval processes are already well-defined, and scheduling workflows are established.

In other cases, the conversion presents an opportunity to correct years of ineffective, broken processes. If that sounds like you, don’t panic. Our consultants have considerable experience helping clients perform extensive overhauls of their current processes.

Ongoing Support

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The energy and effort that we invest in our client relationships does not fade over time—because at the end of the day, our success depends on your own. We’ll always be there to respond, troubleshoot, support and serve:

  • 24/7 customer care with immediate response to emergency requests
  • Free monthly webinars highlighting new product features, best practices, and an opportunity to glean inspiration from other client sites
  • Free quarterly manager-level training
  • More than 100 comprehensive online video tutorials available to all users
  • Free in-app training for Acalog and Curriculog
  • Transparent software updates
  • Certification options


If you’re an existing customer in need of technical support, email or call us toll-free at 866-328-9012 x202.

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