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Help learners succeed by matching them with the right programs, courses, careers, and schedule. Nearly 800 higher education institutions trust DIGARC to establish a single source of truth for curriculum data from which to develop catalogs, support recruitment, inform class and student scheduling, and display program and course information on websites.

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10 Registration Functions Your Current SIS Can't Do Join us on Tuesday, May 18 at 2pm ET/11am PT for an exclusive live webinar - hosted by Alan Weeks, Vice President of REGISTER from DIGARC.

In this lively, interactive webinar, Alan will show you how combining REGISTER with your Student Information System will take the pain and guesswork out of registration, enabling you to:

• Provide demonstrable ROI in terms of time and budget
• Deliver an outstanding student-centric experience that will increase persistence
• Enable a fully partnered integration of your SIS, degree plans, pathways, catalog and audit
• And much more

Seats are limited so reserve your spot today!
5/18/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
Goodbye PDFs, Hello Acalog If you currently use PDFs or other homegrown solutions to manage your catalog, you understand the challenges of making changes, sharing those changes with other departments and publishing your completed catalog. You also know how important it is to publish an accurate, beautiful catalog that will provide a great student experience.

Join us on Wednesday, May 19 at 2pm ET/11am PT for an exclusive live webinar - hosted by Casey Tedrow, Solutions Consulting Manager for DIGARC - and discover how Acalog, the most robust catalog management solution today, will:

• Empower you to make changes once and publish everywhere instantly
• Enable nearly limitless configurability to meet your institution's unique needs
• Modernize your catalog with an elegant, responsive design
• Provide your students with planning and portfolio tools to help them manage their schedule and academic career

Nearly 1 in 3 Higher Education students are served by DIGARC products. Find out how we can support your students by registering today!
5/19/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
Acalog + Curriculog: Powerful, seamless catalog and curriculum management As a current Acalog user, you understand the power, configurability and accuracy it brings to your institution's catalog management. What if you could combine both catalog and curriculum management into a more streamlined process? With Curriculog, you can.

Join us on Thursday, May 20 at 2pm ET/11am PT for an exclusive live webinar hosted by Casey Tedrow, Solutions Consulting Manager for DIGARC. Casey will show you how adding Curriculog, to your Acalog catalog solution will enable your institution to:

• Automatically update data from your approved curriculum process directly into Acalog
• Proactively and efficiently manage curriculum approvals and changes without the need for manual entry
• Provide a fully transparent, accountable, accreditation-friendly process
• And much more

Seats are limited so reserve your spot today!

5/20/20212:00pm EDT1 hour
Coffee Break: How to Shorten Curriculum Approval Time by 50% Struggling through antiquated curriculum approval processes? Attend this 15-minute curriculum management solution demo plus Q&A to learn how to save time and improve collaboration by automating curriculum proposal processes with Curriculog. You'll learn how the Curriculog curriculum management system will help you:

• Define and enforce curriculum proposal processes so faculty and staff can get back to educating instead of administrating
• Create forms, templates and rule-based routing tailored to each program, department and committee
• Ensure data consistency across campus by integrating with your SIS and DIGARC's Acalog academic catalog management system

As a thank you for attending, you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card. Get ready to take the next step in your digital transformation.
5/20/20213:00pm EDT30 minutes
Cut Your Curriculum Approval Times by 50% If you're used to paper-based course proposals and changes, you understand the utter frustration that comes from the approval process. Forms sit on
desks, waiting for signatures, sometimes for weeks or months on end. Or worse, they can get lost, and then you need to start over.

Imagine a seamless, paper-free curriculum management solution.

With Curriculog, the industry-leading curriculum management solution, your institution can move away from paper forms, slow approvals and clunky tools
that aren't built the way you work.

Join us for an exclusive live webinar on Tuesday, May 25 at 4pm ET/1pm PT, hosted by Casey Tedrow, Manager - Solutions Consulting from DIGARC. Casey will demonstrate how adding Curriculog, as your curriculum management solution will provide you with:

• Unmatched speed and accuracy throughout the entire proposal and approval process
• Industry-leading configurability that works the way you do, not vice-versa
• Seamless integration that automatically works with your current SIS
• The most robust suite of reporting tools available

Nearly 1 in 3 Higher Education students are served by DIGARC products. Find out how we can support your students by registering today!
5/25/20214:00pm EDT1 hour


Higher education priorities are changing and it’s more important than ever that your technology solutions integrate to give you a competitive advantage in the race toward innovation. Discover DIGARC’s Connected Curriculum™ platform of cloud-based solutions: CURRICULOG, ACALOG, REGISTER by VSB, SECTION and EXPLORE.

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CURRICULOG Curriculum Management

Alleviate the paper chase associated with traditional curriculum approval processes with CURRICULOG. Easily develop automated workflows so you get curriculum approved in half the time and meet student demand for new areas of study. Send approved curriculum instantly to the SIS, ACALOG and anywhere the ACALOG or CURRICULOG API is enabled. When it’s time for accreditation review, you’ll have a neatly organized set of digital records instead of stacks of paper.

ACALOG Academic Catalog Management

Support student success by increasing accuracy of catalog information across your campuses. ACALOG enables you to publish up-to-date catalog information in real-time, and embed that data into department websites, send to the SIS instantly and more, so you can make a change once and publish everywhere. Acalog’s responsive design ensures your catalog will look great on a phone, laptop or tablet. Turn your online academic catalog into a destination—not just a publication—with videos, photos, social media, Degree Planners and other ways to engage prospective students.  


REGISTER Student Scheduling by VSB

Simplify and streamline the registration process for students by empowering them to create a visual schedule based on the courses they need to graduate and preferred times, locations and more. Students and advisors can easily plan for more credit hours to reduce time to graduation, supporting retention and success efforts. Institutions also get insight into course supply and demand so they can proactively adjust schedules.

SECTION Class Scheduling

Introduce transparency into schedule planning by offering visual representations of meeting patterns, facilities and faculty. Empower faculty and departments to make scheduling requests that adhere to policy standards and resolve conflicts faster. By optimizing faculty and facilities, institutions can ensure needed courses are available and students stay on track toward on-time graduation, supporting student success.


EXPLORE Student Pathfinder

Empower prospective students to research programs, careers, costs and more directly within your websites with EXPLORE Student Pathfinder modules. Support student success by making it easier for students to find the right area of study and career prospects. Enable comparison of up-to-date options without significant investment in application development, data collection or maintenance.

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DIGARC solutions are web-based and hosted on highly available, state-of-the-art virtual systems in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) network. You’ll never have to install or maintain custom software on an individual workstation. If you can access the internet, you can use our software on Mac, Windows and Linux OS. Through partnerships with Oracle, Ellucian and Jenzebar, we’re able to meet the integration needs of clients of all sizes.

Another benefit? Upgrades are instantaneous and occur transparently. We’ll keep you informed of new features, and let you know when they’ll be available.
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